The School

The institute is situated in the centre of Viterbo and has been offering courses for ENGLISH and ITALIAN since 1995 and is accredited by the Italian Ministry of Education and Cambridge English Language Assessment. The experience, the methods and the supervision of our teaching ensure the high standard of our courses.

We also pride ourselves on the warm, welcoming atmosphere in the school as well as the helpfulness of the staff. Teaching in small groups enables closer contact with teachers and fellow classmates, something which has helped students overcome shyness and has encouraged higher levels of class involvement.


The Method

Our method focuses on real communication. It consists of communicating and expressing oneself in real contexts and comprehending the ideas of others, exercised in class by using authentic materials whilst being guided by a native speaker. The teacher takes the students to the market place,

bars and shops in Viterbo where everyone can put their new skills to the test. In class, students develop the ability to orally communicate (speaking and listening), to understand written texts (reading), to produce written texts (writing) and build their knowledge of grammatical structures and vocabulary.


The Teachers

Each teacher is a university trained Italian mother-tongue with experience in teaching Italian as a foreign language. Many of the teachers have often taught classes

of mixed nationality students, acquiring skills which allow them to stimulate effective interlingual communication between the participants.


Contact us for further information, bookings, transfers, tourist guides and more.

The Town

Viterbo (population: 60,000) is in central Italy, around 65 miles (105 km) north of Rome. The medieval walled hill town is situated in Lazio. The region is also known as Tuscia, and lies within the loosely-defined area of Etruria, which spreads across Lazio, Umbria and Tuscany, incorporating the heartlands

of the ancient Etruscan civilization. The main attraction in Viterbo is its medieval architecture: the remains of its grand Papal Palace (Palazzo dei Papi) and the humbler medieval lanes. Other places of interest include the museums, the town Cathedral and a selection of other Palazzi and Churches.



The town is also famous for its Roman hot springs, boasting both public and private Spas. The surroundings are characterized by green landscapes and enchanting medieval villages. Viterbo and Tuscia offer an oasis of good food and relaxation.

Just 20 km away there are the lakes: Bolsena and Vico which were formed in ancient volcanic craters. Flatter in the north, the land becomes more hilly as you head towards the Cimini mountains, then slopes back down to the River Tiber.



The accommodation provided is a traditional B&B or a picturesque Country House - the choice is yours. The B&Bs are situated in the city centre of Viterbo, within walking distance of the school.

The country house is situated outside Viterbo and should only be booked if you are going to rent a car. Additional detailed information is available upon request.




    Whether you are a total beginner or an advanced Italian speaker – we have the right Italian Language Course for you right in the beautiful centre of Viterbo!
    Learn Italian in the morning and discover the breathtaking surroundings of Viterbo in the afternoon. Natural and cultural Highlights are waiting for you


    Study Italian in the morning and practice your new linguistic knowledge during a cooking course with a Master Chef in the afternoon.
    Learn Italian and discover Italian Fashion! Italian Language Course in the morning and lessons about Italian Fashion in the afternoon. Learn everything about "La moda italiana" with our Fashion Designer from the Istituto Italiano Moda in Rome!


Contact us for further information, bookings, transfers, tourist guides and more.

Free Time

Viterbo and its surroundings offer many interesting places to visit. We are happy to assist you in planning the following visits:

  • Museums in Viterbo
    National Etruscan Museum, Colle del Duomo, Museo Civico, Museo della Ceramica
  • The seaside of Latium and Tuscany
    Enjoy the beautiful seaside with several beaches and small hill towns like Tarquinia, Capalbio or Ansedonia
Duomo di Viterbo
Civita di Bagnoregio


  • The Thermal Springs in Viterbo
    Roman water-works and luxurious bath-houses
  • Bolsena Lake
    You can relax on sandy beaches and take boat tours on the lake
The Thermal Springs in Viterbo
Bolsena Lake
  • Bomarzo
    Villa of Wonders from 1552
  • Civita di Bagnoregio
    “The dying village” - only accessible by a pedestrian bridge
  • Rome
    Day tour of Caput Mundi
  • The Outlet in Valdichiana
    Italian shopping Village
Bomarzo - Park of Monsters
Bolsena Village
  • Villa Lante
    A beautiful botanic garden with waterfalls and fountains and a Mannerist style Villa from 16th century
  • Vico Lake
    Crater lake in the Cimini Mountains,
    ideal for hiking, canoeing and good food
  • Orvieto
    Etruscan hill town with its 14th century cathedral decorated by several of the best Italian painters
  • Viterbo Underground
    Underground Tour of an Etruscan
    underground cave
Bagnaia - Villa Lante
Orvieto - Orvieto Cathedral


Please send at least 4 weeks prior to your arrival:

 • Completed application form

 • Copy of your passport or ID.

 • Completed level test (request via e-mail to
• The receipt of the deposit payment which includes the following: registration fee of € 80.00 (valid for 12 months) and 30% of the total course and accommodation fee.


We provide six different Italian language courses levels, applicable to the parameters of the Common European Framework: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2:

download - level test download - application form download - application form italian online courses download - online courses download - brochure


Our courses start on Mondays from June to mid October.
If you book accommodation, arrival is on Sundays and departure on Saturdays.



  course fee luxury B&B standard B&B countryhouse family
fee for 1 week € 280 € 350 (single room)
€ 470 (double room)
€ 205 (single room)
€ 330 (double room)
€ 310 (single room)
€ 470 (double room)
On request
fee for 2 weeks € 490 € 590 (single room)
€ 760 (double room)
€ 370 (single room)
€ 590 (double room)
€ 580 (single room)
€ 880 (double room)
On request


hours of tuition
*on Friday lessons will finish at 13,30
Group Courses (3-6 students): 18 hours of tuition per week
Semi-Individual Courses (2 students): 12 hours of tuition per week
Individual Courses (1 student): 8 hours of tuition per week
Extra individual lessons € 35 per hour
Annual Registration Fee (for courses and accommodation) € 80 - includes all learning
materials, photocopies, guided tour of Viterbo the first day (in Italian);
snacks and a beverage are provided as a complimentary gift
Course fee includes tuition
Courses run Monday to Friday 9.00-11.00 & 11.30-13.00*
We provide private tuition in hotel, country house or holiday home
Ask for additional week(s) fees
Discounts for family or groups
Transfer to / from Fiumicino / Ciampino Airport € 150




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